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Hawaii Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

To provide unity of purpose, cooperative and concerted action, intelligent direction and control, and to make the greatest contribution to the goals of physical education.

About the SHAPE America Southwest District
The Southwest District of SHAPE America is dedicated to promoting school and community programs of Health Education, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance which embody such opportunities as self-realization and desirable human relationships and ensure the inclusion of programs within the best philosophical, social and educational contexts of American life.

About SHAPE America
The vision of SHAPE America is "Healthy People – Physically Educated and Physically Active!" Headquartered in Reston, VA, 25 miles west of Washington, DC, SHAPE America is the largest organization of professionals involved in school-based health, physical education and physical activity, who are dedicated to teaching and promoting active, healthy lifestyles. Founded in 1885, SHAPE America provides a comprehensive array of resources, leadership in the development of standards and guidelines, professional development and advocacy for its members as well as the general public.

SHAPE America's mission is to advance professional practice and promote research related to health and physical education, physical activity, dance, and sport.

The International Research Symposiums and High School/Undergraduate Research Poster Sessions

Bemidji, Minnesota, USA


The purpose of these events is to bridge research scholars to empowered practitioners and the future generation of scholars. The audience includes pre- and in-service physical educators, high school students who may be interested in a career in the field, coaches and university faculty and students and a global network will be communicated to. Invited research scholars will be presenting their research with applications to various fields of study related to physical activity.


April 27-29, 2018: Sport Pedagogy

Early Bird Pre-Registration Deadline: November 10, 2017


Dr. Leisha Strachan, University of Manitoba, CAN

Dr. Chan Woong Park, University of North Dakota, USA

Dr. Jesse Rhoades, University of North Dakota, USA

Dr. Shane Pill, University of Flinders, Australia

Dr. Nathan Hall, University of Winnipeg, CAN

Dr. Tanis Walch, University of North Dakota, USA


May 18-20, 2018: Kinesiology

Early Bird Pre-Registration Deadline is December 10, 2017


Dr. Bradford Strand, North Dakota State University, USA

Dr. Andrew Driska, Michigan State University, USA

Dr. Andrew Gillham, Ludus Consulting, USA

Dr. Joe Deutsch, North Dakota State University, USA

Dr. Jepkorir Rose Chepyator-Thomson, University of Georgia, USA

Dr. Scott Drum, Northern Michigan University, USA

Dr. Tony Amorose, Illinois State University, USA


October 12-14, 2018: Sociology of Sport

Early Bird Pre-Registration Deadline is January 10, 2018


Dr. Kyle Green, Utica College, USA

Dr. Sarah Teetzel, University of Manitoba, CAN

Dr. Douglas Hartmann, University of Minnesota, USA

Dr. Jay Johnson, University of Manitoba, CAN

Dr. Velina Brackebusch, St. Mary’s College, USA

Dr. Jay Coakley, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, USA


For more information and to request a flyer, contact Dr. Dan Ninham at 218.368.6430coach.danninham@gmail.com

2017 Hawaii State Health Education County Workshops

The Hawaii State Department of Education’s Healthy Hawaii Initiative (HHI) Program invites teachers who provide

health education instruction at elementary, middle/intermediate, and high schools to attend a one-day, non-credit

workshop on standards-based health education.

Participants will build content knowledge and skills for implementing standards-based health education through

participation in interactive sessions. Participants will also learn the connections between social, emotional, mental,

and physical health.

The workshop agendas and session descriptions are available at http://bit.ly/CWAgendas2017

Notes for Non-DOE Participants:

Participants must register on via Google Form at http://bit.ly/CountyWorkshop2017 by Friday, November 3, 2017.

There is no cost to attend this workshop.

Participants must bring their own lunch to the workshop as the lunch break will be held at the workshop location.

If you have any questions, please contact Nadine Marchessault, (808) 305-9712,

nadine_marchessault@notes.k12.hi.us , or your District Health and PE Resource Teacher.


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